Is No Place your home?

No Place is a small village close to Beamish near the town of Stanley in County Durham.

It is believed the name of the village is a shortening of “North Place” or “Near Place”, others that village was a boundary between two parishes.

No Place was originally four terraced houses, but when they were demolished in 1937, residents in close by Co-operative Villas took on the name for their village. In 1983 residents protested when Derwentside Council tried to change the name of the village back to Co-operative Villas; today road signs say both No Place and Co-operative Villas.

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… oh no not the B word again!!

British Politicians haven’t given a sh+t since 2015.

Read anything that could disprove the above?

Everyone has an opinion but no-one has a plan.

X-ray vision is required to understand the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration.

Ideas anyone? Theresa May’s door is open.

Take a breath everything will be OK – See an excerpt from Tim Martin’s free magazine WetherspoonNews

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More Brexit Word Games?
The Secret Civil Servant: The ultimate Brexit phrasebook

Funny Cat Videos influenced the Brexit Vote?

It is the most important thing in the “free world” to uphold the democratic process but I need someone, who isn’t seeking cash or kudos to explain to me how data from Facebook can be used to influence certain voters?

When answering MPs on the Digital, Culture, Media and Sports committee the Cambridge Analytica whistle-blower, Christopher Wylie stated:

“Vote Leave and other pro-Brexit groups had a “common plan” to get round spending controls.

He told MPs they all used Aggregate IQ, a “franchise” of the data analytics firm, to target swing voters, using information drawn from CA’s databases.” Source BBC Politics

What needs to be explained is how they identified the “swing voters” and the influence brought to bear that could make someone change from being a Remain voter to a Leave voter.

That must have been a really hilarious cat video.

 Trixie by Bex

Harold’s Empire is here!

Very happy to say that the latest AHaroldnn Edwards release is now available for download on Amazon Kindle.

Harold’s Empire is a story about the rise of the uncommon man. When Harold decides to leave school and join a bricklaying gang, instead of aiming for higher education, his parents are concerned and other relatives are quite snooty about him “wasting his chances”. However he develops three priceless assets: the guts to work hard, the ability to ruthlessly exploit opportunities, and the character to earn loyalty from others. His love life doesn’t suffer either!

This is a great read to warm up and cheer up those cold winter evenings.

Ann Edwards other titles include Max and Maisie, 2 plus 2 make plenty : the curious adventures of POJ and Angels Shoot Baskets.

Why write?

frog jpgWhether you are in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) mode; thinking about writing fiction; writing inspirational true life stories. Or perhaps you just want to write reflective words about the world around you .

Whatever gifts writing gives you, just do it. Enjoy it. Luxuriate in it. Writing can be a place of refuge, liberation, therapy, encouragement and solace. It doesn’t have to be online or shared. Just grab a notebook and a pen and enjoy crafting your own words in whatever format makes you feel good.

Writing is calorie free and good for your soul. Reading is nourishing. Writing exercises your imagination and creativity. The process can help you create a happy me-space in your day.

Go on try it…

Coming soon…

Ann Edwards creates stories that touch your heart and make you chuckle and cry at the same time.

Below are two Ann Edwards stories that are exclusive to Amazon Kindle. Whilst you are waiting for the next release, available at the end of October 2017, why not add these carefully crafted stories to your Kindle collection by clicking on the links in the book titles below.

Max and MaisieBat Spec Bra
Talented teenage cricketer Max is chosen to go on a school cricket tour to Cornwall. While he is away he meets and has his first fumbling encounters with Maisie.

Back in Yorkshire, his sporting ambitions are dashed when he is told that his holiday liaison is about to make him a father at the age of only fifteen.

2 plus 2 make plenty : the curious adventures of POJ

POJ coverPaul Oliver James, Poj, feels his life is dull. He goes to London to study to becomes a maths teacher but as well as having a full understanding of the statistics of chi square he learns a lot about life when he meets Vi, the wife of the local off licence owner and her brutish husband, the’ Blimp.’

His encounters with strong, sexy women continue whilst he takes his teaching exams and becomes fully qualified to teach and to discover that there is a lot more to life than “wham, bam, thank you M’am.”




Stories on BBC News 1st December 2015

With the Syria Debate and Vote planned for Wednesday 2nd December,
Michael Fallon, the Conservative Defence Secretary has stated,
UK already an IS target”.

Ken Livingstone, co-chairman of Labour’s Defence Policy Review,
states “Bombing doesn’t actually win you a war”.

The Atom Bank, based in Durham, is offering App banking.
Simon Gompertz looks at the rise in popularity of App Banking.

Christmas Lights can affect your WiFi speed
and the future for BT Openreach