Create your brand #2

Thinking about your business and brand one slice at a time

one slice at a time

To recap from the last post

1. Define your product or service; 2. Describe your market; 3. Perform market needs analysis; 4. Perform competitive analysis; 5. Know your positioning. So you now know exactly what you and your products/services are about and who would be interested in what you have to offer.

It is important to stay focused on the strategy you’ve put in place and that you are sure the content of your marketing collateral – web site, brochures, advertising, social media and networking strategies – continue to reinforce your brand. Many people go through the strategic exercise in create your brand #1 only to ignore their core market position when producing their marketing copy. Or they get so caught up in their competitors copy that they become “just another face in the crowd” and lose their own unique voice. This can be avoided by creating your own copy library.

What is a copy library?

A copy library is your own selection of personalised written material or ‘marketing content’ that you can use for your web site, brochures, biographies, articles, networking, elevator speeches etc. You can start your library as a personal journal and develop your marketing collateral from that source.

Why do I need one?

By having all of your copy in an organised format you will always have consistent messages about your brand and services. It also means that as your business and your clients grow, it will be easier to update and to keep fresh so that your messages don’t sound dated or out of touch with your readers’ needs.

Why must I do all of the marketing strategy stuff first and why can’t I get someone else to write all of this “copy” for me?

Your copy library is less likely to be effective in communicating your marketing messages if it is not based on a sound marketing strategy. As your marketing strategy evolves, your copy library should therefore evolve alongside it.

For example, if you spend time researching your market position and the statements that support it, it would not make sense to go off on a tangent with a highly specialised journalistic style copy. This “copy” really isn’t your words or your perceptions, but the words of a copy editor that doesn’t really know your business as well as you do because they haven’t been through the pain barrier of the marketing process with you. A professional writer/editor can help you organise your words and ideas and be “fresh eyes” on your text but if you lose your own unique voice, you lose congruence and sound phoney.

The next post in this short series will give you the 6 easy steps needed to build your own unique copy reference library.

It is hoped that you find these posts useful. Your feedback would be very welcome.

one slice at a time

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