Create your brand #3

22 May
 6 easy steps

a step at a time

Six ideas to help you build your own unique copy reference library:

If you’ve read the first two posts in this short series

(1) Thinking about your business and brand in bite size pieces.

(2) Defining your own copy library

You should now be ready to get to the fun bit, preparing your own unique copy reference library.
The 6 six simple steps for doing this follow below:-

Build your own unique copy reference library
Discovering more about your prospective competitors and customers is probably one of the more pleasurable aspects of researching and preparing your marketing copy. You can create an easy to maintain and sustainable resource using 6 simple steps.

1. Articulating your services
Are your services geared up to provide not only the immediate needs of your customers, but also what they will need to sustain their business in the future? Identify the politics, social impact, technological developments, history, and trends of the service you provide. Learn to articulate, in your own way, how your services offer unique benefits and remember to be true to your own voice and be “specific” about what you are offering.

2. Gather information
Subscribe to user groups, buy magazines and books so that you can build up a library of material that you can refer to when preparing your own copy. Which writing techniques impress you and which make you turn the page quickly? Ask your clients (potential clients) what magazines and books they read and what influences them?

3. Meet people – make friends
It’s one thing having a library of material to refer to and build on, but it’s even more important that you spend time with your clients and competitors. Be sure that you are connected to the reality of events and trends that will affect the service you provide. Listen to the language style used to describe those services. Does it resonate and mean something? Or is it dry as dust jargon that makes you yawn?

4. Mix it up
Pull it all together. Use your own personal information sources together with your day-to-day interactions and start keeping a daily journal about how your specific service will provide a solution now and in the future.

5. Share it
Using this journal as your source material, write articles and blogs about your research, your reference sources and your interactions and encourage feedback so you can discover how effective your personal articulation of your service is.

6. Don’t let it gather dust
It’s important that you don’t let your ideas or interactions stagnate. Competitive markets mean your service effectiveness needs continual reassessment, as does the copy that sells your services. In other words, are you providing sustainable support for your current customer base and continuing to grow and expand your own business? If you don’t stay fresh, your competitors will.

KISS – that old chestnut (Keep It Simple ‘n’ Specific)

I can’t stress enough how important it is to spend time clearly identifying your marketing strategy and expanding on this research so you can succinctly articulate your services and the solutions you offer. Make sure that the words that sell you and your services reflect your core positioning statement, your competitive analysis and truly represent you and your brand. Keeping things simple, sharp and easy to understand cuts down the noise for the prospective client and makes you more accessible to them.
I hope this helps but if you do need help with preparing your own unique copy reference library please feel free to contact me, Maggie Baldry, via my blog TaTUM research Or if you wish to follow my tweets on Twitter, please use the link here or on the sidebar. Tweets are work and personal interest related,

Copyright Maggie Baldry © 2011 Tried and Tested User Manuals (TaTUM) All Rights Reserved.

Who is Maggie Baldry?

Maggie Baldry trained as a technical author, writing instructions manuals, for a global supplier of household electrical appliances, the Electrolux Group. Maggie was also the founder of Virtual-e-perfection, a virtual assistance service, that helped many people develop their writing skills and build their brands. Building on these solid skills, TaTUM was created to help support others with their marketing and CRM strategy.

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