The innovation of the BBC – keeping the lights on

13 Aug

So far the TV companies have not decided to resurrect my Grandma’s favourite programme the Good Old Days. Though considering some of the weekend offerings I wonder who will seize the opportunity to introduce a phone in programme along those lines? Vaudeville via Vodafone?

The BBC, as it stands, continues to innovate with high quality programmes. Something that the other channels just don’t seem to do.

Who would have thought of cop programmes set in the 1970s and then the 1980s.? Just look at the success of Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes.

Currently we have the visually stunning and beautifully crafted The Hour. This amazing You Tube homage highlights the bewitching relationship between Freddie Lyon (played by the captivating and enigmatic Ben Wishaw) and Bel Rowley (played by the beautiful actress Romola Garai). Although I am too young to remember the 1950s you can get the sense of the time with all of the stunning sets, costumes and that fact that everyone seems to smoke continually.

When talking about a “sense of time” we must also consider programmes like Doctor Who, Torchwood and Being Human.

Only the BBC would be brave enough to have a TARDIS travelling through time; an immortal Captain who may now be at risk; and a werewolf (who lives with a ghost and a vampire) and who occasionally is a crew member in a Space Travel version of Titanic with Kylie Minogue <Allons-y, Alonso!>

Many businesses are facing cutbacks, I myself was made redundant last year due to “restructuring” but I am very afraid that if the BBC are cut back it will mean much more than job losses.

The commercial TV companies would never have taken a punt on a Gene Hunt.

It would be very sad if all we had were game shows and reality TV because they are the only programmes that are “cost effective”.

Hoping it won’t be a case of the last one out, turn off the lights please.

Many thanks to all of the You Tube “uploaders” and forum owners for providing the content that will show us what we are at risk of losing.

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