Distractions, creativity and workflow

30 Oct

At 19:30 GMT on a Sunday evening, what are you doing?

Would that be a favourite time to write for you?

Or are you an early bird, a night owl or a mid day magpie writer?

When proofreading my authors’ books the work discipline is naturally enforced with the production deadlines for publishing and marketing but when venturing into my own creative writing there always seems to be some ‘obstacle’ in the way that prevents me from settling down into a disciplined work flow.

For example, this evening, I was pulling together some research about the 1970s for a fantasy novel I’m planning to write but so far I’ve managed to let myself be distracted by the Strictly Come Dancing Results show, laundry, Twitter, Facebook and other networking and social media metric sites. This is without the most delightful distractions of my lovely family and pets. What should I do? Give up writing and stay with the day job? Lock myself away like a hermit?

No, I have made a decision… starting tomorrow the networking sites that are not working for me will be pruned away and I will concentrate on the 1970s fantasy novel. Saying that though I am so pleased Audley Harrison is still in Strictly …  

From the BBC Strictly Page Team Audalie
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