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An alternative view

Pressure cooker election times in the UK. Now here’s a thought

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My lovely Mum

Wonderful photo of my Mum as a bridesmaid. Thinking of you Mum today and everyday


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Failure is Good

Understanding the process. Succinct but resonant.

In Flow with Otto


Failure is inevitably linked with art – and life for that matter. Well, it’s also linked to success if you think about it. To put it a little harshly; if we don’t experience failures it’s because we don’t live – or we don’t create, when talking about arts. And if we don’t dare to make failure we will never succeed, either.

Life and art is about jumping from an airplane without knowing how a parachute really works, but hoping it will. It’s about taking chances, knowing that often they won’t lead to anything – or at «worst» to failure. I use brackets because failures aren’t necessarily bad. On the contrary; you can use them as stepping stones to learn more, to become better next time, to evolve, to grow. In my post Weakness as Potential Strength I wrote: By figuring out where our weaknesses lie, we can take steps to…

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Aah Monty Python. Those were the days.

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