Working on Fiction

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Ten Rules for Writing Fiction (from the Guardian)

WikiHow – How to Write Fiction

Update 23 August 2011
Some great advice from a friend.

“To be totally honest first off I write straight from the heart and imagination, I don’t think about words, sentences or grammar. I just write how I see the scene or conversation play out in my head or what it would look/sound like on the big screen. I know how it’ going to start and how it will end. The rest kind of writes itself for me, with the occasional jump in to keep it on track, I just go with characters and see where they lead me.

I do research as I go but if I a character works their way into the book and looks like they will stay, I do sit down a work out a full profile for them… bit like a C.V I guess. I have a 4’ x 4’ section of wall covered with post stick notes in order to keep track of everything. But that’s about it.

If you are considering writing a Novel, stop considering and do it. Work out the finer points after. just get writing.”

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