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Filling the gaps

Many businesses have problems with regards to human resource levels and keeping up with customer needs.

Resource gaps can be caused by :-July14logojpg

  • Special projects creating extra demands on skilled labour
  • Loss of skilled labour to other areas of the company or to other companies
  • Skill gaps created due to changing needs of the business

a2z copy-editing can help fill the gaps in the short term whilst you decide on the long term strategy for your business.

Please take a look at the pdf version of the Leaflet and see if the solutions offered by a2z copy-editing will help you to fill your resource gaps.

leaflet preview

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TaTUM lives on … hello to a2z copy-editing … well done Channing Tatum

Tried and Tested User Manuals – TaTUM was created to reflect the founder’s, Maggie Baldry, proofreading, editing and writing skills. The service was created to help authors, businesses, creative teams, basically anyone who needs a skilful eye to check their work.

The actor, Channing Tatum has been enjoying great success in his chosen career, but the name TaTUM is just not working for development of this commercial enterprise. However, due to my former career as a technical author, I do not want to relinquish my association with TaTUM, so the TaTUM blog will continue and the commercial enterprise is now renamed as a2z copy-editing.

logo under development copyright Maggie Baldry 2014


In the meantime and in line with the revision to regulations for Online and distance selling for businesses an updated Service Provision Agreement is available for download as a pdf.

More news about the services supplied by a2z copy-editing will be posted here in due course.

As is customary to say … watch this space.


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Be careful out there

Many organisations are now changing.  With all of this re-structuring and re-organisation, have there been too many cut backs that leave companies vulnerable?

If you are in charge of an organisation, it may be worth looking at some of the Case Studies on the International Compliance Association web site.

Compliance is not witchcraft, so don’t get caught out by going down the wrong alley…


Photo taken at the Harry Potter Studio Tour, Leavesden Studios, Watford. 2012

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Looking back to look forward

After sifting through some files and backups the other day I came across this picture.

Widget Widget Web

It was a graphic prepared to accompany a very insightful article by Ajit Jaokar.

Preparing the collage and learning about the concepts in Ajit’s article was a series of small steps in a very busy daily work schedule.

Being totally honest, at the time I didn’t fully understand the full implication of Ajit’s article and how ubiquitous the impact of the Widget Widget Web would be. After all I was only asked to prepare an image and proof read some text.

With hindsight you can see that it was a big leap forward in grasping the growth of an emerging technology.

This image will always remind me of those busy and happy times.

Images were sourced from Yahoo Widgets and Opera Widgets. Image created by Maggie Baldry.

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Create your brand #1

Thinking about your business and brand in bite size pieces

Source google images

One bite of the apple

Most marketing professionals would recommend the following steps for creating your marketing and brand strategy:

  1. Service/product definition :
    For example: you create exclusive silk scarves.
  2. Market description:
    For example: your ideal client is more influenced by Sarah Burton than Vivienne Westwood.
  3. Market needs analysis:
    For example: your exclusive handmade silk scarves are the finishing touch to your clients’ designer clothes collection.
  4. Competitive analysis:
    For example: try Googling “exclusive silk scarves” and see how your competitors sell their products.
  5. Positioning.
    For example: What is unique about your silk scarves? Why should your potential clients buy from you rather a chain store?

Once you have completed this process, you have a sound foundation to build a strong brand that truly reflects you, your business and your services.

The next post will look at identifying the unique voice for your brand.

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Why call this TaTUM?

Why call this TaTUM?

Tried and Tested User Manuals (TaTUM)
The name was created to reflect the founder’s, Maggie Baldry, proofreading, editing and writing skills. The service was created to help authors, businesses, creative teams, basically anyone who needs a skillful eye to check their work.

What skills does Maggie have that might help me with my writing?

  • 20 years experience as a Technical Author with the Electrolux Group.

  •  Proofreading, editing and writing services offered to a wider audience since 2003.

  • A familiar name to the futuretext publishing company as she has edited and developed their books from conception to launch.

  • Worked directly with Ajit Jaokar, the founder of the London-based publishing and research company futuretext since 2003.

  • Helped with the preparation of the original OpenGardens manuscript and then followed on with Mobile Strategies and more recently Mobile Web 2.0.
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