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BBC Blunders 11th February 2015

Not sure who proofreads the BBC ticker tape, before it is published on the live News Show, but there is a “schoolboy error typo” today.

Come on Auntie Beeb, pull your socks up.


By By Typo circle

By By Typo Bye Bye


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The Swan

My proofreading enterprise has been re-branded from Virtual-e-perfection
(also known as V-e-p) to a2z copy editing.

Yesterday, I spent some time updating the brochure web site, hosted by moonfruit and used one of their stock images of a swan as a graphic on the home page.

Moonfruit stock image

One of the many stock images from moonfruit

My daughter asked why I used the swan. My answer was that when a swan is viewed above the surface of the water, it glides gracefully and apparently effortlessly but below the surface of the water, feet are working hard to provide the engine and power for the graceful gliding.  Perhaps this could be a metaphor for the service I provide for my clients?

i.e. I will work hard for my clients to be the unseen engine that will help their processes, business or creative projects become elegant and trouble free.

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Writing Services, Soft Footsteps, Small Stones, Mirrors and Musings

These are the blogs of a working Mum, who is currently employed by a supermarket brand, whose brand motto is “Every little helps”. Her colleagues are lovely, friendly and very kind people. Her family are incredible. Her life would be empty without them. Throughout her life she has been lucky enough to meet and work with loads of fascinating people. She has always had a passion about books and writing. This passion is now being explored.

The following blogs are maintained by her.

Her = me 🙂


TaTUM Proofreading and Editing Services and the Soft Footsteps Blog

This blog covers her career and professional services proofreading, editing, writing, blogging, ghostwriting, research, admin, great tea too and is also the home of blog version of a book developed in 2007,   Soft Footsteps.

This is a WordPress blog and is posted to a Twitter Account and a Facebook Account.

Soft Footsteps the blog


Maggie’s small stones for the River” is a creative blog where she is exploring the fun to be had by noticing how extraordinary things are and writing those things down,

This practice was inspired by Fiona Robyn and encouraged, by many of the “small stoners . If you want to try it, just jump in and join us.
This is a WordPress blog and is posted to a Twitter Account and a Facebook Account.


Mirrors in the Consciousness

This is the home of her original blog and holds many fond memories for her
This is a WordPress blog and is posted to a Twitter Account and a Facebook Account.


Maggie’s Musings

A relatively new blogging experience for her.
This blog contains ideas about other authors and social media experiences are explored. This blog is powered by blogger.

Maggie's Musings

This blog is powered by blogger.


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About and Contact details

Tried and Tested User Manuals (TaTUM)

The name was created to reflect the founder’s, Maggie Baldry, proofreading, editing and writing skills.
The service was created to help authors, businesses, creative teams, basically anyone who needs a skillful eye to check their work.

What skills does Maggie have that might help me with my writing?

  • 20 years experience as a Technical Author with the Electrolux Group.

  • Proofreading, editing and writing services offered to a wider audience since 2003.

  • A familiar name to the futuretext publishing company as she has edited and developed their books from conception to launch.

  • Worked directly with Ajit Jaokar, the founder of the London-based publishing and research company futuretext since 2003.

  • Helped with the preparation of the original OpenGardens manuscript and then followed on with Mobile Strategies and more recently Mobile Web 2.0.

How can I contact Maggie?

Leave a comment here, it can be as simple as “Hello”, and Maggie will get back to you as soon as possible.

Discussions about rates and availability can take place once we’ve assessed together the level of help needed.

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References and Testimonials

Following the post Copy Editing and Proofreading references , below are a few more testimonials gathered via LinkedIn.

Please feel free to post your comments here on this blog, via LinkedIn, Twitter or the Facebook page.


Company logo copyright Maggie Baldry


Twitter Profile

“Maggie helped me during a low time to generate more leads, on a trial basis. Several approaches were tried and tested, some worked, others didn’t. The point with Maggie is she was quickly able to identify those ideas that were less successful and use her great creative mind to try again with a different approach, but never running out of fresh ideas. Maggie works hard for your business, as if it was her own, so therefore can only come HIGHLY recommended.” February 11, 2011 Simon Barker via LinkedIn

“LinkedInnovators is a great place to share observations and discuss LinkedIn best practices. No agenda. No issues, just friendly, open discussions. In an endeavor as large as LinkedInnovators, having an international partner is essential. Maggie is tireless and true. A professional. February 18, 2006” Jonathan Meath via LinkedIn

“Positive, intelligent, and witty; yet, careful, thoughtful and considerate. Working with Maggie is a pleasure.” June 26, 2005 Jonathan Meath via LinkedIn

“We contacted Maggie for creative writing as we couldn’t get a handle on the project. She took our fumbling, did some research and crystallised the client requirement into a beautifully descriptive, concise piece of writing. She is one of the sharpest intellects I know, and seems able to focus onto any problem (and is a joy to work with). Cannot endorse enough her skills as a creative writer.”” November 2, 2005 Paul Davenport, via LinkedIn2, 2005

“Interacting with Maggie is always a mixture of fun, wisdom, and honesty. The experience always leaves me uplifted and my business effectiveness improved. I am so glad I came across such a wonderful person in my journey through life.” June 26, 2005 Jazz Singh, via LinkedIn

“Maggie has taught me how to be a servant leader. This wonderful woman never waits to tell people how they have contributed to their fellow members at club intellectualize. These days (april 2005) i run three clubs at Ecademy, but my heart will always be at intellectualize.
Bless you Maggie,
Ron” April 14, 2005 Ronald Wopereis, via LinkedIn

“Maggie’s modesty and humility is evident in how she places others ahead of her, even in the above description of intellectualize! Maggie has helped us collect a great diversity of thought-leaders, and has enabled assimilating their thoughts into a whole that’s larger than the sum of the parts. I hope you’ll see as much value in having her on your side, and as your partner, as I do!” September 15, 2004 Kaleem Aziz, via LinkedIn

“Maggie is a very pleasant lady who enjoys helping others and is very well rehearsed in business office support. I can easily recommend Maggie to any who might be interested in her services. A lovely person and pleasure to know.” March 31, 2004 Olu Odeniyi, via LinkedIn

“I turned to Maggie for help when I couldn’t see the wood for the trees. She took my Powerpoint presentation, talked to me about my objectives and made some changes that really hit the spot. Within a short time she had analysed, understood and prioritised a complex set of issues and produced her advice. She is keen, helpful, flexible and I endorse her as a skilful and understanding business woman.” February 27, 2004 John Ames via LinkedIn

“I am delighted for this opportunity to write an endorsement for Maggie Baldry. Maggie is one of the most positive people I know. She is intelligent, caring, and has an innate ability to find the nub of the most complex problems and suggest practical solutions. I believe that if Maggie says that she is capable of a task, she will perform it at 110%.” February 25, 2004 Max Blumberg, via LinkedIn

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Copy editing and proof reading references

Historical testimonial of copy editing and proof reading skills, please click here.


Company logo copyright Maggie Baldry

Transcript here:

Ajit Jaokar, 4th October 2004

Hello all

I would like to thank Maggie Baldry for the excellent work she has done for us as a proofreader and copy editor for our forthcoming book Open Gardens.

My company – futuretext – is focussing on being a publisher and we are under pressure to launch OpenGardens before christmas.

Image from the futuretext web site. All rights reserved.

Image from the futuretext web site. All rights reserved.

Maggie has done a great job proof reading and copy editing this book within a very short time working late and on weekends. We would be using her for the next three books we are launching as well.

Would very much recommend her as a proofreader and copy editor based on our experience

Kind Rgds
Ajit “

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Looking back to look forward

After sifting through some files and backups the other day I came across this picture.

Widget Widget Web

It was a graphic prepared to accompany a very insightful article by Ajit Jaokar.

Preparing the collage and learning about the concepts in Ajit’s article was a series of small steps in a very busy daily work schedule.

Being totally honest, at the time I didn’t fully understand the full implication of Ajit’s article and how ubiquitous the impact of the Widget Widget Web would be. After all I was only asked to prepare an image and proof read some text.

With hindsight you can see that it was a big leap forward in grasping the growth of an emerging technology.

This image will always remind me of those busy and happy times.

Images were sourced from Yahoo Widgets and Opera Widgets. Image created by Maggie Baldry.

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