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Harold’s Empire is here!

Very happy to say that the latest AHaroldnn Edwards release is now available for download on Amazon Kindle.

Harold’s Empire is a story about the rise of the uncommon man. When Harold decides to leave school and join a bricklaying gang, instead of aiming for higher education, his parents are concerned and other relatives are quite snooty about him “wasting his chances”. However he develops three priceless assets: the guts to work hard, the ability to ruthlessly exploit opportunities, and the character to earn loyalty from others. His love life doesn’t suffer either!

This is a great read to warm up and cheer up those cold winter evenings.

Ann Edwards other titles include Max and Maisie, 2 plus 2 make plenty : the curious adventures of POJ and Angels Shoot Baskets.

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Why write?

frog jpgWhether you are in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) mode; thinking about writing fiction; writing inspirational true life stories. Or perhaps you just want to write reflective words about the world around you .

Whatever gifts writing gives you, just do it. Enjoy it. Luxuriate in it. Writing can be a place of refuge, liberation, therapy, encouragement and solace. It doesn’t have to be online or shared. Just grab a notebook and a pen and enjoy crafting your own words in whatever format makes you feel good.

Writing is calorie free and good for your soul. Reading is nourishing. Writing exercises your imagination and creativity. The process can help you create a happy me-space in your day.

Go on try it…

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Coming soon…

Ann Edwards creates stories that touch your heart and make you chuckle and cry at the same time.

Below are two Ann Edwards stories that are exclusive to Amazon Kindle. Whilst you are waiting for the next release, available at the end of October 2017, why not add these carefully crafted stories to your Kindle collection by clicking on the links in the book titles below.

Max and MaisieBat Spec Bra
Talented teenage cricketer Max is chosen to go on a school cricket tour to Cornwall. While he is away he meets and has his first fumbling encounters with Maisie.

Back in Yorkshire, his sporting ambitions are dashed when he is told that his holiday liaison is about to make him a father at the age of only fifteen.

2 plus 2 make plenty : the curious adventures of POJ

POJ coverPaul Oliver James, Poj, feels his life is dull. He goes to London to study to becomes a maths teacher but as well as having a full understanding of the statistics of chi square he learns a lot about life when he meets Vi, the wife of the local off licence owner and her brutish husband, the’ Blimp.’

His encounters with strong, sexy women continue whilst he takes his teaching exams and becomes fully qualified to teach and to discover that there is a lot more to life than “wham, bam, thank you M’am.”




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Review – Meet Franklin Bean by Emmy Swain

My review of this book on Goodreads

Meet Franklin Bean

“At this time of year we are all considering which Christmas gifts to buy. Look no further than Emmy Swain’s magical children’s book.. The tale is intended for children but it’s a universal story about how weird it can be to move to a new place and meet new people, yet this weirdness can be coped with and make you stronger when you meet a special and amazing dog like Franklin Bean. Emmy has written a captivating and enlightening story, which is beautifully illustrated by Levi Whitworth. Looking forward to hearing more about John’s adventures with Franklin Bean. “Cool frijoles”

Plus my personal note to Emmy

“My dear you are a word magician. What an enchanting and uplifting story.”

Want to know more, I would highly recommend visting Franklin

This review is also posted on my dedicated review blog : Maggie’s musings

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The Phoenix Group – Rising by Colin Andrews

I have shared Twitter timelines with Colin for some months now. Trying not to sound like a stalker, but after following links from his Twitter profile to his website and being an avid reader, the urge to read Colin’s stories became irresistible. The Kindle edition is available here.  It is a captivating story and a review follows below.


After a motorcycle accident had left him in a wheelchair for four months, the author, Colin Andrews, started writing the Phoenix Group stories nine years ago, when his wife was expecting their first son. The story was originally written for his unborn son to read and was never intended to be published. But Colin’s son, now 9 years old, has badgered his Dad to finish the story and the story has grown, as children and stories tend to do.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Colin’s son. Rising is a thrilling, edge of the seat story, from start to finish. The reader is transported from newly discovered temples in the Amazon, to the Pentagon, the Peak District, London, the Brown Mountains and places Unknown.

A puzzle must to be solved, the solution will save the world but at what cost? What are the plans of the Phoenix Group?

Rising is only the first part of this four part story and introduces us to the archaeologist, Dr Mark Gillian and his team who include his nephew Pacey, Samantha (Sam), Tom and the dashing Captain Reynolds; the mysterious Jack Collins and Oz and Cook (who are so much more than soldiers).

Great characters and fast paced action/adventure/mystery that would transfer brilliantly to the screen. Can’t wait to read Ascension, part two of the Phoenix Group stories, planned for release in 2012.

Cover Image for Ascension from Colin Andrew's Website

Find out more about the author – Colin Andrew’s Website:

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