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Why write?

frog jpgWhether you are in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) mode; thinking about writing fiction; writing inspirational true life stories. Or perhaps you just want to write reflective words about the world around you .

Whatever gifts writing gives you, just do it. Enjoy it. Luxuriate in it. Writing can be a place of refuge, liberation, therapy, encouragement and solace. It doesn’t have to be online or shared. Just grab a notebook and a pen and enjoy crafting your own words in whatever format makes you feel good.

Writing is calorie free and good for your soul. Reading is nourishing. Writing exercises your imagination and creativity. The process can help you create a happy me-space in your day.

Go on try it…

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Coming soon…

Ann Edwards creates stories that touch your heart and make you chuckle and cry at the same time.

Below are two Ann Edwards stories that are exclusive to Amazon Kindle. Whilst you are waiting for the next release, available at the end of October 2017, why not add these carefully crafted stories to your Kindle collection by clicking on the links in the book titles below.

Max and MaisieBat Spec Bra
Talented teenage cricketer Max is chosen to go on a school cricket tour to Cornwall. While he is away he meets and has his first fumbling encounters with Maisie.

Back in Yorkshire, his sporting ambitions are dashed when he is told that his holiday liaison is about to make him a father at the age of only fifteen.

2 plus 2 make plenty : the curious adventures of POJ

POJ coverPaul Oliver James, Poj, feels his life is dull. He goes to London to study to becomes a maths teacher but as well as having a full understanding of the statistics of chi square he learns a lot about life when he meets Vi, the wife of the local off licence owner and her brutish husband, the’ Blimp.’

His encounters with strong, sexy women continue whilst he takes his teaching exams and becomes fully qualified to teach and to discover that there is a lot more to life than “wham, bam, thank you M’am.”




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TaTUM lives on … hello to a2z copy-editing … well done Channing Tatum

Tried and Tested User Manuals – TaTUM was created to reflect the founder’s, Maggie Baldry, proofreading, editing and writing skills. The service was created to help authors, businesses, creative teams, basically anyone who needs a skilful eye to check their work.

The actor, Channing Tatum has been enjoying great success in his chosen career, but the name TaTUM is just not working for development of this commercial enterprise. However, due to my former career as a technical author, I do not want to relinquish my association with TaTUM, so the TaTUM blog will continue and the commercial enterprise is now renamed as a2z copy-editing.

logo under development copyright Maggie Baldry 2014


In the meantime and in line with the revision to regulations for Online and distance selling for businesses an updated Service Provision Agreement is available for download as a pdf.

More news about the services supplied by a2z copy-editing will be posted here in due course.

As is customary to say … watch this space.


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Authonomy – Summer Competition

Does your story have an attention grabbing opening line? If it does, this competition is for you.

Authonomy are dedicated to discovering, connecting and nurturing exciting new writers.

The competition will run from now until midnight BST the night of Sunday 8th September. The winning entry will be selected by a panel of readers at HarperCollins.

To keep the blog comments free for entries, please send any questions you have to

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Long overdue update on writing activities and current employment.
Warmest wishes to all on a cold snowy day.

Maggie's small stones for the River

These are the blogs of a working Mum, who is currently employed by a great supermarket brand, whose motto is “Every little helps”. It is a multi-layered motto, within and without of the brand. Her colleagues are lovely, friendly and very kind people. Her family are incredible. Her life would be empty without them. Throughout her life she has been lucky enough to meet and work with loads of fascinating people. She has always had a passion about books and writing. This passion is now being explored.


Update January 2013.

Since the end of 2012, I have had the privilege to work for a charitable organisation whose motto is “Servitor Servientium”.

Writing is still in progress…


Maggie’s small stones for the River” is a creative blog where she is exploring the fun to be had by noticing how extraordinary things are and writing those things down,

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What the Dickens?

Click on image to be redirected to the Kindle Download

This blog hasn’t been updated for a while as I am now working in a supply chain support role. It’s a dream job and I have been so absorbed by it that, I am sad to say, I have neglected my own creative writing and this blog.

However, yesterday, I had a lovely surprise when I received an email from Victoria Bantock, the creator of the bimonthly magazine for writers, readers and all literary types, What the Dickens?

Victoria is now preparing Issue 2 and she will be including an extract about Frances Burney, from this blog’s Soft Footsteps series.

Virginia Woolf described Frances as the Mother of English Fiction and her satirical novels and plays about eighteenth-century society were thought to be the literary precursor to prominent authors who came after her, including Jane Austen and William Makepeace Thackeray.

Frances Burney image source wikipedia

Frances Burney

I am thrilled that Frances Burney will be appearing in Issue 2 of What the Dickens?

And I am also very grateful to Victoria for including my work in her amazing online magazine. Do yourself a favour and visit What the Dickens? The beautiful snow edition is full of inspirational work. Be sure to visit the jokes on Page 4 too.

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Nirvana Moment on Bonfire Night

Wikipedia declares a general definition of Nirvana as “synonymous with the concept of liberation (moksha) which refers to release from a state of suffering after an often lengthy period of committed spiritual practice

Perhaps you could describe the practice of writing as a “state of suffering”. If you are a solitary writer, you may have to isolate yourself at some point to actually get on with the ‘job’ of writing. This isolation could be seen as a “state of suffering” as could writer’s block; lack of self belief; worry that your work and words are not good enough. Then when you actually release your words, in book, script or thesis format you may have your greatest moments of suffering, lack of acknowledgement of your work by your peers, a bad review, poor grades, As a proofreader and editor I have nursed many people through the pain of getting their words and ideas into a happy and healthy format and liberating them from their isolation and self doubt. Support and a good review can give you that writer’s Nirvana Moment.

I have been lucky enough to have that Nirvana Moment with my book, Soft Footsteps, this weekend. I have worked with Ajit Jaokar, the owner of the futuretext publishing group for many years now. I was thrilled to see this wonderful review on his Open Gardens blog. A short extract is below:

Click on image to be redirected to the Kindle Download

Maggie Baldry has long edited many futuretext books including my latest book (to be launched in Jan 2012). However, she had an idea to be a writer and came up with this excellent idea for a book . As Maggie discusses below, I was one of the inspirations for Maggie’s book. I loved the ethos and idea of this book – and Maggie is a great writer and believes in this book. Very glad to be a part of it”

Soft Footsteps celebrates the achievements of women who are leaders in their professional and creative lives, historically and in the 21st century.

The 21st century Soft footsteps of change are pioneering women because they have all been involved in projects that are making best use of new media platforms and leading edge technology. Their work provides pathways within the new media industry for other people to follow, hence, the title of the work; Soft footsteps. Soft footsteps will reveal how individuals with passionate ideas, a strong work ethic and self-belief can create successful and satisfying careers doing work that they love.

I was totally fascinated by the stories of all of the ladies featured in the Soft Footsteps book. It was a labour of love combined with a spiritual practice for me and I hope it will be a source of inspiration for others.  It is probably just a coincidence that Ajit’s blog was posted on Bonfire Night, but it was most definitely a Nirvana Moment for me. It lit up my evening like a spectacular firework display. I would say to anyone else who wants to write and they are still at the “state of suffering”, keep committed, keep writing and enjoy and celebrate any Nirvana Moment.


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